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 To switch the chart to clusters, you need to change its appearance in the main toolbar.  

To change the cluster settings, go to Settings and optionsChart settings and select the Cluster tab.


A preset determines the type of cluster on the chart. The Tiger.Trade terminal contains approximately 30 presets that represent clusters based on Volume, Delta, Bid × Ask, Open, and Trades. More information on presets can be found in the Cluster presets section.




Show values

This option enables or disables the display of text in the cluster cells.

Minimize values

Values above 1,000 will be replaced with the following format: 1K, 23K, and similar numerical values. Values above 1,000,000 will be replaced with the following format: 1M, 12M, and similar numerical values.

Round off values

This option has a range of values from -4 to 4. The values -1, -2, -3, -4 divide the volume by 10, 100, 1,000, and 10,000; values from 1 to 4 specify the number of decimal places (relevant for cryptocurrency).

Highlight maximum

When this option is enabled, the cell with the maximum volume will be highlighted by a frame.

Min. value

Sets a number below which values will not be displayed in cells.

Min. bar width

By narrowing the cluster chart, when the specified value of the bar width is reached, the figures Volume, Delta, Trades, Bid × Ask, and Open Interest will be hidden.

Font size

By default, the font size changes as the cluster chart shrinks and expands. If you set a value, the changes will not occur automatically when scaling the chart.




Border type

You can change the cluster border to one of four values: Box, Colored Box (the color of the candle direction), Candle, Colored Candle (the color of the candle direction).

Border width

Sets the width of the border lines.

Show direction marker

This includes a marker in the form of a vertical dynamic line to the left of the cells. It is given the color of the falling or rising candle and indicates the direction of price movement over the period.

Direction marker width

This option sets the width of the marker.




Cell type

This setting allows you to display cells without offsets, with offsets, and with a border (each cell will be merged).

Bars for calculation

A bar is determined that will affect the brightness of the background: the current bar, visible bars, all bars (for the entire history of the chart), and its own value.

Min. value

Sets the number below which the values in the cells will not be displayed.

Display ValueArea

This option includes the borders within which the maximum passed volume will be concentrated.

ValueArea %

By default, the value is set to 70% of the entire bar for the period; in this field you can indicate your own value.




Expand horizontal lines

Drawn horizontal lines from drawing elements will expand to the width of the cluster cell.

Expand vertical lines

Drawn vertical lines from drawing elements will expand to the width of the cluster cell.

Transform candles

This option turns clusters into candles when the chart narrows horizontally, and vice versa, it turns candles into clusters when the chart expands. Works for both candlestick and bar charts.




Value filters

Ability to configure several filters at once by data type: Volume, Trades, Bid, Ask, Delta.


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