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Is there a way to reload the history. if i use the calander or the reload history button it's not reloading the history.

is there another setting for this ? 

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  • Good afternoon, Jeff!
    You can find any timeframe you wish in the graph "Period". I have attached a screenshot.
    Let us know please if you will have any more questions.

    Have an amazing day!
    Tiger Trade Support Team

  • Hi Anzhelika ,

    Thank you for your quick respons.

    I tried everything, the period empty or the ranges smaller like in the figure. nuth you can that the data from today is missing.  14 oktober is missing, it's loading the data from today from the moment i started the program.

    Can you help me with this incomplete data ? 

    thanks ! 


  • Hello, dear Jeff.

    Thank you for the details!

    To update the data, please try to change the license server in the terminal settings.

    Click the Settings - Login settings tab. Select another server and restart the terminal

    If you are using a free crypto license, choose a server - Crypto 1 or 2. If you are using a full license, choose a server - Crypto 1 or 2.

    It is important that the server is different from the one that stood before.

    If you have any new questions, you can ask them :

    1) In the window - chat on the website (orange circle on the right, at the bottom of the page),

    2) Using a bot on our telegram page

    3) By writing to e-mail

    I wish you all the best and good luck in everything!


    Tiger.Trade Support Team

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