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Selecting an instrument

In order to select the required instrument, click the Select instrument button from the overhead menu.   

How does instrument search work

  • Instead of the full name of the futures contract, you can use the base name. For example, RI instead of RIM6. The current contract will then be used each time Tiger.Trade is launched, and when the chart is displayed, the most relevant contracts will be “glued” to it.
  • If you have created a list of favorite instruments, they will be shown in this window.
  • To show only connected cryptocurrencies when searching for an instrument, enable the “Hide crypto symbols that are not connected” option in the General Settings → Other.
  • If you want the instrument name query to always be in English regardless of the keyboard layout used, toggle the “Ignore keyboard layout in symbol search” option in General Settings → Other .
  • If, when entering the instrument name with a separator, you only want to see the list of instruments with this separator, toggle the  “Consider delimiter in instrument names” option in General Settings → Application.

Favorite instruments
In the list of favorite instruments that has been created, the broker commission and exchange can be set separately for each instrument as a fixed value or as a percentage at your discretion; a hot key can also be set.
To do so, choose Settings → Symbols Manager  in the main menu and navigate to the Favorites tab. In the tab that opens, click on the icon  and enter the required settings.

Instrument settings

Commission TypeSelect the commission write-off type from two values in the drop-down list: Fixed or Percentage.
Broker CommissionA known value of the commission that the broker takes for the operation is set.
Exchange CommissionA known value of the commission that the exchange takes for the operation is set.
HotKey SwitchAssigns a hot key to the instrument from five available.

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